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Deep Voice Training – Tone Your Squeaky Voice!

Mickey Mouse became an icon speaking in that high-pitched, squeaky voice. But when a voice like that comes out of a man who is not doing voice-over work for cartoons, then your first reaction is to go for the mousetrap. A man with a high-pitched voice is unfortunately the butt of jokes. It’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is. Isaac Hayes gets the chicks, Mickey Mouse gets the cheese. But what exactly is the root cause behind high voices and what can be done about it? There are deep voice training techniques that you can do.

Let’s consider how your voice works. We all know that the voice comes out of the larynx or voice box, which contains the vocal cords. Think of the voice box as being like a guitar. If you want to make the guitar sound higher, you tighten the strings; if you want a lower tone, you loosen the strings. Extending this analogy, the muscles of your larynx are like those guitar strings – when they are tense, then your voice becomes high-pitched.

To illustrate this principle, try humming with your head facing the floor and gradually move your head upwards. You’ll notice that as your head moves upwards, your humming becomes higher.

Hence, to get rid of that squeaky voice, you need deep voice training that will address this tightness in the larynx. There are several well-known principles that many men have used to tone their voice with. It’s amazing how much respect you immediately receive when people hear your booming voice.

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