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How To Make Your Black Friday a Clear Friday

OMG, the adrenaline is flowing as the time approaches. Should friends be reminded or not? Should the secret be shared and have the possibility of being beat to the punch increased? It’s almost time, and do not think for one moment the blanket or overnight bags, and favorite hot beverages won’t be out.

Many of us are anticipating Black Friday. We can’t wait to put forth our best efforts to secure the deal of the hour, one of the only ten, and the 75% off savings. There may be one or two things in mind but of course there are always those things that might turn out to be good buys. It may behoove the serious savings shopper to be prepared by increasing the credit card limit for those ‘just in cases.’ So we rationalize that if the card is already at the limit then maybe a little loan is possible. It may be at a higher rate but who cares about that since income tax time is coming and it will balance things out.

While Black Friday might provide mega savings, if we are not clear on what we are shopping for, it can also provide opportunities that have dreadful results. So yes, now is the time, well actually, last Black Friday might have been the most opportune time to prepare for having a great holiday shopping experience. However, it will be even more exhilarating if we can get what we want at a savings and then wake up January 1st with no regrets, proclaiming that Black Friday was also a Clear Friday.

What is Clear Friday? Clear Friday is a Black Friday that has been entered into with precision, planning, specific intentions and extreme clarity. Just anticipating the fun is not enough but planning for it is even better. If shopping is done with a budget, reasonable limitations and without dangerous spontaneity, the results of your Black Friday experience will be crystal clear. There will be no regrets, December 26th, when the 24 hours of December 25th are gone. There will be no regrets January 1st when the next credit card statement arrives in the mail or among your recurring online statements.

Here are some steps we can take to insulate us against these regrets:

  • Be your own thinker and drown out the noises of unwanted sale items
  • Know what the best sale is for you and do your research before getting in the marathon race
  • Be intentional now before you leave home and during your shopping. Intend on finding the best bargain for what you have already intended to find
  • Understand that a sale isn’t a sale if you don’t have the money to purchase your item(s).
  • Remember that the best gifts are sometimes the giving our time, energy and love

Being clear on what you want at the beginning of Black Friday will help to ensure that at the end of the day your Black Friday will have been a Clear Friday.

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