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Starting Over Again Is Really Not That Rough

If we were to take our life as an adventure, we will realize that nothing really is insurmountable. Have fun with where the wind takes you. Retrace your steps if you found that you are no longer on the right path for your life. Don’t worry about starting over because if you view your life as an adventure you will soon realize that starting over again is really not that rough. It is actually loads of fun. You will begin to wonder what crazy adventures your life is getting ready to take you on next.

Want to know how you can get your life out of the doldrums? Start to find or infuse your life with fun. Get crazy, be creative, and love your craziness and all. You can either be climbing a rocky and treacherous mountain terrain or you can be climbing to the top of that rocky and treacherous mountain terrain so that you can enjoy the view from the top. That is not to say you won’t get a couple of bumps and bruises along with way and maybe so some nasty cuts. You may even slip and fall a couple of times, but if you have the right harness holding you up then you won’t fall too far down the side of that mountain. Get back your footing and start climbing again. Soon those scars won’t be even noticeable.

Wherever you are going in life, in whatever direction your life is turning, there are going to be roadblocks, there are going to be challenges and even major disappointment. It is all part of your life’s journey. Things will knock you off your axis, you breakdown and your world is breaking apart. Ride out the pain, ride out the anger, and ride out the rage. Do not hold it in. Let out all the pain and suffering you have had to endure. Cleanse yourself of those toxic emotions so that you can begin to live a happy, healthy and passionate life.

Life is actually giving you a second chance at life. Starting over may feel rough because of what you have to endure, but once you get through releasing all those pent up anger, pent up resentment, pent up bitterness and all the deeply buried things you had to remain silent about and sacrifice your life for, you will begin to feel refreshed and anew. You are ready to walk boldly into your new life.

When you are in the physical human feeling of something, you have to feel those feelings, acknowledge them and then release them in a manner that feels authentic and cleansing for you within your space. Feeling your emotions is extremely important because that will help your life to start over on a healthy note. This is the time to live passionately. Releasing the toxic emotions was your healing. Look how much stronger, lighter and better you feel.

Never censor what you are feeling or what is coming up out of you. Give yourself the space within your life to safely release all those emotions. When life hits you hard, it is normal to feel dumped on, however, if you are on a Spiritual Journey, you will realize those situations for what they are. Those situations come up so that whatever is preventing you from stepping fully into the life you desire can be dislodged from your subconscious, thereby releasing you from being tethered to old pains, old wounds and old traumas. It also gives you a chance to be for you and protect the you that was never protected as a child.

Many individuals are afraid of starting over, because they may feel that they would have to give up a lot of things, they are comfortable where they are if they do not like where they are. So, life doesn’t challenge them, there are no obstacles in their path and no real difficulties. They are coasting by through life. You on the other hand was given all the good stuff. Yes, you got the challenges, the difficulties, the roadblocks and the barricades with machine guns going off over your head. It’s time to tuck and roll, climb over another hurdle, go under another roadblock, push through those challenges until finally you are on the other side of your old life.

Things will begin to take shape and start to become awake with vibrant colours. Your world will start to become so bright and filled with wondrous things that you will scratch your head wondering why you never did this before. Don’t worry about that. It was not the right time for you and your life. Things always happen in their Divine time and not a moment before. Maybe you did not even realize that your life needed an overhaul until life decides to wake you up by slamming various life occurrences into you.

Now that you have come out on the other side in one piece, aren’t you now glad you were hit so hard? OK, OK, too soon? You’ll get there when you are ready. For now, enjoy your newly minted life and know that you are going to make it in your life. Starting over again may look rough, but it is really easy to do once you begin to view and live your life as one big, crazy adventure.


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