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Sure Ways of Naturally Boosting Your IQ

These may seem like odd questions to consider, but there are several ways in which to raise your intelligence quotient (IQ) that don’t require poring over books of arithmetic, reciting Shakespearian sonnets, or memorizing dates of Civil War battles.

Of course, these exercises will help…but not according to several psychologists and sociologists who believe that trying to raise one’s IQ is a fruitless endeavor.

According to their studies, which have been published in a number of journals and books, intellectual ability is predetermined based on genetics. In other words, it doesn’t matter what brain exercises or educational endeavors you may be pursuing or wish to pursue, intelligence is a fixed thing that cannot be altered.

As you’ll discover in the electronic manual, this assertion couldn’t be further from the truth.

What is true is that one’s intelligence level is determined by a variety of factors, not just intellectual ability. While many still believe that heritability determines IQ (you’ll find out in the e-guide why this is a myth) the most determinant factors are those from the environment, like nutrition (particularly in the pre-natal stages), family experiences, economic status as well as the surroundings one places themselves in adolescent and adult years.

All these factors play a role in the overall intelligence level of a person, but intelligence is not like height: stopping once you reach a level. Education and learning never stops; provided one takes the initiative in building up his or her own intelligence quotient through research.

And by reading this, you’re doing just that.

Inside the electronic e-guide, you’ll discover a host of methods in which to boost your IQ naturally. You’ll find out exactly why one’s intelligence level is not fixed (like some social scientists would have you believe), why journal writing is so effective in boosting intelligence, the efficacy of herbal remedies in IQ development, foods that keep your mind sharp (and those that will dull your mind), how physical exercise improves mental acuity, how to make your kids smarter and much, much more!

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